‘Hebrideans’ now in soft back


Please click on the link for details of my book ‘Hebrideans, the Photographs of Monica Weller’ now available in soft cover format.





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It’s that time!

It’s that time!.

Weekend crazy wrap up!

Weekend crazy wrap up!.

Mirror, mirror on the wall whose the craziest of them all?

PRSTEN - It's so obvious

I thought I would get your opinion on the most psycho sheep of them all! Narrowing that shit down to just 3 crazies was truly hard. But 3 stick out in my mind for totally having lost a sense of reality and live in the land of fantasy, where they get along with the monsters under their bed and the voices in their head. Let me give you a short bio of each of our crazies today to help you decide.

The winner of the craziest of them all will receive a fantasy vacation for one in a quiet padded cell complete with a white straight jacket made to fit like a glove 😉

First up is HKN– dear God where do you start with this kind of crazy? Typing from her basement in rural OH, she claims to have a cousin that works for KBoo, believes a woman can drink and smoke while pregnant because her mother…

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New US release date for The Rover – June 13 and nationwide on June 20

Thinking of Rob

‘The Rover’ US release date has been moved up to June!


Watch the teaser trailer again!


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Monica Weller FRPS

Monica Weller FRPS.

It’s official Kristen broke up a home!

It’s official Kristen broke up a home!.