Rumor has it…….


Rumor has it.......

Rumor has it……..


Emily Hampshire talks about Robert Pattinson

Thinking of Rob

From the Italian Blu-Ray Cosmopolis (translation by RobertPattinsonMoms)

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What Robert Pattinson brings to the role of Eric Packer in Cosmopolis ?
What he brings to it ? I think that to me is quite genious is this teenage aspect of Eric, not in the sense that he is a teenager, he is not a teenager, but he has that kind of ”adolescence” about him. When Robert says the words I think that sense of he can say it anyway and comes out kind of spectacular, is because of this youthful tearing in him.

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Cosmopolis one of the most overlooked films of 2012: “It’s only grown more valuable over time”

Cosmopolis - The Movie Fansite. Film by David Cronenberg starring Robert Pattinson


The Film Stage included Cosmopolis in its 2012 list of most overlooked films. I like how the author of the write up was a few rewordings shy of suggesting to let the film express itself for viewers. 😉

This one’s been stewing in my brain for months, and none of the reflection has tainted this film one bit; if anything, it’s only grown more valuable over time. David Cronenberg’s limousine trip into the damaged perspective of a young, emotionally hollow fat cat — played to perfection by a not-as-advertised Robert Pattinson — can’t really be considered the most accessible work of 2012, but those willing to go with its strange rhythms and mysterious internal logic are bound to get… something. While I think it’s best people make the thing out for themselves by just letting it all sit, those simply hoping for a left-of-center cinematic experience ought to find…

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Mystery blonde remains a mystery;)

Mystery blonde remains a mystery;).

Oh the Sweet Mysteries of Life……..

An EPIC Date Night for Rob!

An EPIC Date Night for Rob!.

Rob is movin on………..

Kristen Stewart Probably Banged Her Other Director, Walter Salles

Kristen Stewart Probably Banged Her Other Director, Walter Salles.

You know she did…………

ARTICLE: ‘Cosmopolis’ “it is a work of art because is affords opportunity for thought”

“But in essence, the film is a work of art – not because it is formally perfect but because it affords opportunity for thought, one thing that cinema does not often provide today.”

via ARTICLE: ‘Cosmopolis’ “it is a work of art because is affords opportunity for thought”.